Foreign students of VSUES represent a romantic tale in Russian language

26 December 2019Students’ life

The representation of Cinderella was made by foreign undergraduate students majoring in Linguistics and students of the preparatory department. As the organizer of the event, an officer of the School of Foreign Languages of VSUES, Galina Kasyanenko explained:

- Every year we try to arrange an unusual New Year event for the students. This year, it was the "Cinderella" fairy tale, since this story is very life-affirming and festive. The idea of a ball came across, where all the students could participate.

- I dreamed of playing a role in a play, and finally my dream came true! - Shared her impressions of Li Simiao after the premiere. - I immediately agreed to the role of Cinderella, because I have a good level of knowledge of the Russian language, I often took part in poetry contests and contests for readers. Playing on stage was not scary at all, but very exciting!

A student of the preparatory department, who played the role of a pageboy, Shi Hunyui also emphasized the unusualness of the experience:

- I am in the first year of Linguistics major, I have never taken exams, but have already played in the play! Creativity is part of student life, and it\\'s great. Rehearsals and holidays unite us, give a feeling of the shoulder of a friend, confidence, joy. My friends and I are just happy that they entered the School of Foreign Languages, because life is in full swing here!

The performance team turned out to be truly international, even the scenery and stage design were prepared jointly by students majoring in Translation Studies, Angela Maksimova and Marina Toporova, and a 4th year student of Linguistics major, Xu Yuixi.

- It seems to me that everything turned out great with us,- said Maria Minik, a officer of the School of Foreign Languages, who was involved in the music arrangement and staging of the dances. - We rehearsed and prepared everything with excitement and great desire. The main thing is the mood! And it was great both on the stage and in the audience hall!