VSUES discusses proposals to solve environmental problems in the region

7 October 2021University life

Round table «SOLVING ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS OF PRIMORSKY TERRITORY TOGETHER: Science + Power + Society + Business» was held on October 5th in the center «Boiling point of VSUES».

Well-known environmentalists, public figures and heads of environmental organizations attended the meeting. The goal is to form common strategies for environmental protection of Primorsky Territory through the joint efforts of science, government, the public, and business, taking into account modern requirements and challenges.

Natalia Ivanenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism and Ecology of the VSUES, Candidate of Biological Sciences, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. As Natalia Ivanenko noted, the experience of communication with colleagues shows that VSUES is moving in line with current trends in environmental policy and does not lag behind the regional agenda. She recalled the natural wealth of Primorsky Territory: the marine zone, the coast, biological and mineral resources, and the need to protect them:

— We have six nature reserves, four national parks, it is very important for us to preserve a favorable climate, clean air and rivers, — Natalia Ivanenko emphasized. — And it is very important to draw public attention to the solution of these tasks. We train specialists in the field of ecology and environmental protection for the enterprises of the region and are glad that they are increasingly in demand.

Moderator of the discussion, senior researcher at the Laboratory of Freshwater Hydrobiology of the Federal Research Center «Biodiversity» of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatyana Vshivkova drew attention to the fact that issues of ecology and environmental protection should be solved in such a combination: science — government — society — business:

— Science knows many solutions, but without the help of the authorities, it will not be able to apply them, and without the help of business and society, it will not be able to implement them. We must learn to talk to each other, look in the same direction and understand each other.

The expert stressed that the meeting in the VSUES is a key one, and the outcome of the work should be the adoption of a resolution on optimizing interdepartmental activities to improve the state of the environment in the Primorsky Territory.