Lao students at VSUES welcomed 2565 New Year

14 April 2022Students’ life

Lao New Year is Eve, «Boon Pimailao», lasts about a week and is accompanied by many special and interesting ceremonies. During this period, the dry season ends and the rainy season begins, so the main custom of the New Year is to pour water on yourself, passers-by and tourists.

The event was organised by the staff of the VSUES Department of International and Cultural Activities, the International School for Training and Adaptation of Foreign Citizens and Galina Kasyanenko, specialist of the School of Education and Linguistics, who supervises foreign students.

The students were traditionally greeted by Alexander Virich, Honorary Consul of the Lao People's Democratic Republic in Vladivostok, who was awarded the Order of Friendship of Laos for his work:

— I congratulate you on the New Year 2565! I wish you health, excellent mood and success in your studies!

The Lao students of VSUES welcomed the gathering with a national dance in attire and flowers called "champa". The hosts of the celebration spoke about their traditions and customs and introduced their alphabet and numbers to the guests.

Galina Kasyanenko, a specialist of the School of Education and Linguistics, conducted a quiz, where participants tested their knowledge about the Lao People's Democratic Republic, learned to write their name and count in Lao. At the end of the celebration, students from Laos sang "Hello, New Year" with a guitar.