VSUES opens a new direction of education «Oil and Gas Engineering»

12 May 2022University life

VSUES opens a new direction of education — "Oil and Gas Engineering". The in-demand engineering profile, implemented based on the School of Transport and Logistics, is in high demand among applicants.

Petr Kuznetsov, Director of the School of Transport and Logistics, named the main reasons for choosing a profession in the field of oil and gas and emphasized the advantages of getting an education at VSUES:

— One of the priority directions of development of the oil refining industry in Russia is diversification of production and entering new markets. It is the Far East that is the key region for entering the fast-growing markets of the Asia-Pacific region, and we are in the process of building our export infrastructure.

— Petr Anatolievich, the formation and development of new oil and gas companies in the Far East requires a huge number of jobs, so vocational training in this industry is more relevant than ever?

— The development of mining, processing and transportation infrastructure is the most important task for the development of the Far East, which primarily serves to ensure Russia's energy security. Speaking of large-scale projects, these include Gazprom's Eastern Gas Program, Power of Siberia, a Russian trunk pipeline to supply gas from Yakutia to the Primorsky Territory and Asia-Pacific countries, the construction of the second branch of the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas pipeline, and the transition of public transport to gas is being considered. Oil and gas processing industry needs a large number of qualified specialists, which are absent in the Far East. The educational program is in demand as never before. Gazprom, Sibur Holding, PJSC Rosneft, and PJSC Novatek are the largest corporations offering a large number of vacancies.

— What are the advantages of an education at VSUES?

— The School of Transport and Logistics has a highly qualified teaching staff. Our practitioners have experience working with Gazprom and a large number of completed projects. We are especially proud of our advanced practical laboratory facilities, i.e. computer-aided diagnostics and instrumental control laboratories. Our students undergo practical training and implement projects for the largest companies and organizations in the region, successfully find a job and make a career. Professional realization is an indicator of the quality of education.