Pancakes instead of calories: VVSU celebrates Maslenitsa in a sporty way

18 марта 2024 University life

Maslenitsa festivities at VVSU are traditionally bright and fun.

To receive some pancakes, guests of the event had to perform one or more sports exercises corresponding to the burning of kilocalories contained in a serving of pancakes and a cup of tea, and in return for this they would receive prize “rubles”, which were exchanged for treats.

“The Youth Policy Department and the HR department decided to organize the “Pancakes for Calories” campaign together with the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. You burn 100 calories and you get a serving of pancakes. We tried to make sure that there was a very wide range of sports exercises available to absolutely any person,” said Konstantin Pospelov.

All participants were in a festive mood. Schoolchildren, students and employees of VVSU competed in sports tests, treated themselves to pancakes with hot sweet tea, and took photographs with the main attribute the effigy of Maslenitsa.

“Tasty, fun, interactive. I really liked this format of the holiday. I took part in all the blocks: lifting a barbell, jumping rope, spinning on a gymnastic disc, squatting with a medicine ball. I earned enough “rubles” to enjoy delicious pancakes,” said Aleksey Nochvin, a student at the VVSU School of Engineering.

“Thank you for such a holiday. I liked the fact that they came up with this type of pancake exchange. The emotions are only positive. I am glad that not only students and schoolchildren, but also university employees are participating,” noted Daria Kupriyanenko, a student at the Institute of Law.

Our ancestors believed that the brighter the Maslenitsa festivities were, the happier and more fruitful the whole next year would be.