Seafood, Ussuri taiga gifts and many imported goods from Asian countries are the brand identity of the region. Vladivostok is very famous for Pan-asian cuisine restaurants where people can try dishes of every Asian cuisine at once. Korean starter kimchee, Japanese soup miso, Chinese spareribs in sweet and sour sauce can be easily in menu of numerous city cafes and restaurants.

Restaurants specializing in serving raw and cooked seafood are “Palau Fish”, “DelMar” or “Novik Country Club” on Russky Island. A popular restaurant “Zuma” is a perfect spot for Pan-asian dinner in a place with stylish interior and cozy atmosphere. 

Russian dishes are served in “Porto Franko”, favorably located in the city center, in “Nostalgia” and “Druzhba bar”. Far Eastern food and local delicacies can be found in “Port Café”. 

There are also  Uzbek café “Khlopok”, Caucuses restaurant “Goryanka”, Singaporean dumpling café “Uzala”, Vietnamese restaurant “Saygon”, Japanese sushi bars “Tokyo”and others, Korean restaurants “Khvaro” and “Korea House”, Chinese  restaurants “Zen” and “Dzhonka”, European restaurants “Moloko & Med” and “Mauro Gianvanni”. "DaB Drinks and Burger" is also very popular among the foreign guests of Vladivostk.

The top 10 restaurants in Vladivostok include “Syndicate”, panoramic restaurants “Michelle”, “Vysota” and “Kupol”, sky bar “Pacific”, gastro-pub “IzBrasserie”, beer restaurant “Paulaner Bräuhaus”.

There are quite a lot of European Coffee bars, confectionaries and backer’s shops such as “Five O’clock”, opened by a British Barry Adamson and his wife Anna, French “U Mishelya”.

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