Vladivostok international airport is located 44 kilometers away from the city. People arriving in Vladivostok can get to the city by Aeroexpress train that departs from the terminal straight to the city center. Approximate travel time – 50 min. Alternatively, there are also taxi and public buses available to get to the city center.

Vladivostok is the place where the great Trans-Siberian Railroad begins. It goes through all Russia from Vladivostok to Moscow and connects the Russian Far East with European part of Russia. With its total length of 9298.2 km it is the longest railroad in the world. The railway station is located in the downtown area.

Avrage temperature in January – the coldest month in a year – is lower than -20°C (-4°F). Average summer temperature can reach +20°C (+68°F). The best time for visiting Vladivostok is May, August, when lotus flowers start to blossom, and early autumn with its warm, dry and sunny weather.

UTC +11 hours    Russia’s phone code +7

Moscow +7

Berlin +10

New York +16

Seoul +2

Tokyo +2

Beijing +3


Vladivostok’s phone code 423

A unified emergency number 010 or 112

Ambulance 030

Taxi phone numbers:

Yandex taxi: +7 (423) 201-00-00

Vostok taxi: +7 (423) 777-333

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